Thank you for a wonderful 2022

One thing I know for sure is that there can be silver linings to every seemingly devastating situation. 🧙‍♂️

Whilst the past few years of Covid, lockdowns and rising inflation have and continue to be challenging for some, we reflect on 2022 with much gratitude. 

We started 2021 pre-pandemic with a small team of 15 VAs and 30 clients. 

For us, the pandemic and forced working from home opened the small business world to the value and relatability of virtual working. Where previously people couldn’t see how working with someone online could work for them, the need to continue to grow their business via online methods saw virtual assistants as an inexpensive way to keep the business moving forward.

In 16 short months, our team grew to 50 VAs and over 95 clients.

The silver lining!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing clients for their support, and for trusting us to work with them through this period.

Our VAs are very grateful to be working with you, and we hope that we continue to have better years to come to help you grow and sustain your businesses.

One thing I have learned this year is the importance of connectivity, that bond that translates the inner you to the people you value most.

My recent visit to the Philippines to meet-and-greet with my team after 7 long years has really shown me the impact of a connected community. I still can’t put into words how it felt seeing and hugging them once again, creating those memories with them and their families, it was truly amazing and something I vow to continue every year from this point forward.

You can view the photos of the trip here (you might be able to pick out your VA!): Kristy Trip Nov 2022

Whilst we operate in a virtual world very successfully, I do not take for granted the powerful impact of being with my team in person to inspire, engage and energise everyone for the next 12 months.

I believe that we have created a healthy and thriving culture where people can work from anywhere on the planet and still feel connected and part of the bigger picture. 

We have BIG plans for 2023 and the team and I are excited about the future of VE. Excited to be striving and driving our continuous improvement and helping more small businesses and virtual assistants to thrive, not just survive.

If you want to start planning ahead and exploring what outsourcing can do to give you your silver lining for 2023, you can book a no-obligation free call with me here: 

Wishing you very happy holidays from Kristy + the VE team!

Thank you.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that a virtual assistant can do to help save you time. From managing your social media marketing campaign to answering customer calls remotely, you handle the bottom third of all your work. So, if this sounds like you and your needs, just book a call with Kristy at

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