Save time and grow your business!

We know that for some, the idea of hiring a virtual assistant can be daunting and scary.

I mean, where do they come from, how can you trust them, and is your information secure? All of these questions and more can really provide a barrier to entering into getting the support that can literally be life-changing!

So that’s why we have done all the hard work for you, minimised the risk and made it easy to get started.

Our Virtual Assistants are here to partner with you and are encouraged to think and express their ideas if they believe this can help in the growth of your business and streamline processes and procedures.

Imagine that we are holding your hand from start to finish, to make the process easy and seamless.  

Here is how we help you get started:

  1. Task Identification – Guiding you to work out what you actually do in your day that can be easily outsourced is the first step and one that cannot be skipped! We have a tested process to make this easy for you. Performing a Task Audit ensures you don’t miss anything and you get a REAL sense of what saps your time that perhaps could be delegated to someone else. Want to know how to do this? We have created a FREE and easy “How To” that you can access here: 
  1. 15min discovery call with Kristy – Let me get an insight into your struggles, frustrations, and challenges so we can find the best solution for you! It’s important that we build a “connection” with the people we are going to work with. This is an opportunity for both of us to make sure we are values aligned and looking for the same outcome. Even if you don’t go ahead with us, you could at least walk away with some tips and insights on how to approach your situation in the future! The key here is to let you explore and allow me to understand your needs. You can book your call here: 
  1. Build your Job Description – Now you have a clear picture of what you need, we have a template that will walk you through creating your job description for the role. After you have completed the Task Audit and Braindump, you will find the process of writing a job description very easy. This step is critical in ensuring you get the right person for the job. Be specific, say what you expect, and sell the role to the VA. Why should they want to work with you? This step triggers our recruitment team to get started on matching you with your super VA! 
  1. Candidate matching – And here’s the BEST part! A little like a dating site, we will match you with top-notch dedicated candidates you can interview and choose to work with. One of the main blocks to hiring someone is the work it takes to screen, interview and onboard them. We know this, and that’s why we do ALL the hard work for you, before you even get started! We attract, test, screen, reference check, onboard and prepare your VA to be presented to you as a candidate for final consideration. You get access to review their CV and test results, and then have the opportunity to meet and interview them on Zoom as a final stage. Then you can really focus on the connection as a person, rather than worrying about their skills. This is the piece that people love about what we do as we take all the guessing out of the equation and the barrier to entry is removed!
  1. Get started! – With us, you can start small (just 5hrs per week) and create that long-term relationship with your VA. NO recruitment fees, NO onboarding/setup costs, and NO lock-in contracts! And once we have everything aligned for you, we send you our worry-free agreement and the email of your dedicated VA and off you go! But don’t worry, (I hear the panic set in!) we are not leaving you to fend for yourself from there! We are always here to support you. One of the amazing things about our business is that not only do we provide you the human resources support you need ongoing, and we also provide a safe and secure place for your VA. Somewhere they can feel part of a bigger culture, give them accountability, nurture, develop and support them to strive for excellence rather than having to try and work it all out on their own. It’s a WIN for everyone!

Our main goal is to provide a safe place for you to enter exactly where you are, but with the intention of growing with you, partnering in your outsourcing journey, and showing you what’s possible by “letting go”.

If you are ready to grow your business, please get in touch.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that a virtual assistant can do to help save you time. From managing your social media marketing campaign to answering customer calls remotely, you handle the bottom third of all your work. So, if this sounds like you and your needs, just book a call with Kristy at

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