Services that will scale and grow your business and

propel it into the big time!

Virtual Elves has worked with many businesses over the last 10 years, providing solutions and resources around outsourcing. We have helped many businesses to increase their growth and profitability and most importantly to create space to have the business and life they really want.

Shared values are the most important way we connect and determine both our clients and our VAs as long term investment is the reason why we are so successful.

If you share similar values to the ones we stand by below then we are off to a great start!



Our clients range from small solo entrepreneurs to larger franchises and we are proud to have supported these businesses through their outsourcing journey.

Some clients we have worked with are Lawrence Dry Cleaners, Lubeman Mobile Mechanic, SHE Business, EISAU, Aspire Australia, Diva Works, No Pong, Josh Zuker Travel, Colour Society of Australia, Australian 18 Footers, Experience La Luce, Planet Fitness, Wordstruck, Plan B Plumbing, Short Marine, Anista.

Virtual Elves has a great passion for educating and supporting business owners. Take a look at the services we offer and then contact us to discuss your needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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