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Is how you are working actually working for you?

You are at that tipping point in your business, working more hours than you should be, having less time with your family, neglecting your health and feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

I know you are ready for real business growth!

You’re a business superstar and you’ve got it going on. You’re clear on what you want to do, busting at the seams with ideas, and you are quite the go-getter. But how exactly do you take your visions, strategies, and ideas and move forward when you’re snowed under?

When working with me, entrepreneurs go from pulling their hair out to a pumped up bottom line AND more time.

Business leaders go from not knowing where to go next, to on top and in action.

It's like a business transformation.

You’ll make more money, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to make it happen.

Finding the right people and truly stepping into your leadership role isn’t always as easy as it seems. But it doesn’t have to be such a hard or frantic feeling.

You know you need to do something to change the situation you are in but you don’t know where to go, or where to start.

I know that feeling… I’ve been there too!

Hi, I'm Kristy.

Now I am not going to say that there is a magic pill and forever your life will be free of all this, but I can say that you need to be at your lowest point sometimes to “call out” for the help that you need. A huge reality check made me look at other solutions to working more efficiently and “getting help” has become a way of life for me – in business and my personal life.

Wind back the clock to 2011 and I had a great little business as a virtual assistant that allowed me to spend quality time with my kids and family, be creative and have a great social life.

BUT I WAS NOT EARNING ANY MONEY…and I was not taking my little business seriously.

My husband sat me down one day
and gave me a clear ultimatum:

“Change something about this business or go back and earn money in corporate.”


Is he serious?

I just got out of corporate because I was stressed, had no time with my family and felt burnt out.

So I made the decision then and there to take my business seriously and do whatever it took to make it into something. To be earning at least what I would have earned in my corporate role. Probably more to spite my husband, but also to prove to him that I could be more than just a home-based small business!


But I couldn't do it on my own!

That really was my biggest and greatest revelation through the whole process and what gave me the drive to succeed.

ONCE I STEPPED OUT OF THE FEAR of getting help, my team grew from just me, to 2 local and 5 Philippine-based virtual assistants, a graphic designer from Bulgaria and a web developer from Pakistan. Suddenly, my business was scalable and my profits doubled in just 12 months, then again, and again as I grew my team. Not only in my business but I realised I was struggling to be mum as well and I was letting my family down. So I hired a cleaner, and brought in a Live-in AuPair to help with all of the domestic duties while I tried to run a successful business. It gave me regular date nights with my husband and time to focus on my own wellbeing.

I realised at that point that I had a great formula for helping businesses to scale, grow and be profitable!

Why am I doing this?

I want to help YOU develop working strategies/methods/tools that will propel your business into the BIG TIME and get back your TIME and your LIFE.

I want YOU to breathe easier knowing that there is a solution to your problem and that you have the support of someone to help you move forward.

“My passion lies in empowering business owners to embrace growing and scaling their business”

Maximise your efforts – Subtract the stress – Add up the profits!

Transform the way you work and propel your business into the big time!

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