Virtual Assistants

Hire Virtual Assistants for Your Business

We know how hard it can be to manage the day-to-day running of your business. That’s why we have various administrative support options to help you at whatever level you are starting at!

At Virtual Elves we are committed to removing all “barriers to entry” for working with a VA and getting the support you need.  There are NO lock in periods, SMALL minimum hours, NO on-boarding fees, and NO Recruitment fees. You just pay for what your VA does for you.

There is much hype about getting “cheap” VAs from offshore and yes that is possible but we are here for the 3-way win. For you, our VA and us as a business. We will not pay our VAs pittance so we can reduce the rates to compete with other agencies.

We have a detailed recruitment process that selects the right VA for YOUR needs specifically and have screened, interviewed and made sure your VA is dedicated to your needs. We are a premium service with long-term support in mind. Do it right the first time and your VA will be with you and grow with you for a lifetime!

How it Works

Meet some of our Virtual Assistants

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