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Christmas Marketing Ideas

Make Your Business Stand Out With These Boxing Day Strategies

Boxing Day has been a traditionally big event in every retail’s calendar with huge droves of people lining up outside stores to take advantage of …

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Successful Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Business

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas which means it’s the perfect time to set into motion your Christmas marketing ideas and kick off …

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VA Timezone

Can My Filipino VA Work In My Time Zone?

One of the best things about hiring a Filipino VA is the immense wealth of talent they have to offer. A Filipino VA can help …

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The People Powered Business Podcast

Kristy was honoured to be a guest on the People Powered Business Podcast where she shares critical insights on the value of outsourcing, when we …

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virtual assistant

How To Manage And Train Your Personal VA

In order for your personal VA to do his or her work efficiently, you have to manage and train them in your way of doing …

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project management tools

Best Top 10 Project Management Tools For Your Business

Project management tools can help individuals or teams organise and keep track of projects and tasks related to that project. The tools are usually project …

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Potential Psychology Podcast

In this wonderful discussion Kristy chats with Ellen about work and business but not in terms of targets, revenue and turnover. We’re talking about being …

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Most Popular Time Tracking Tools for Your Business

Most Popular Time Tracking Tools for Your Business

In order for businesses to make sure that their employees are compensated accurately for their time at work, they keep records of their staff’s working …

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How to Develop Trust With A Filipino Virtual Assistant

How to Build Trust With A Filipino Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant comes with a host of benefits that can help improve different areas of your company. Delegating tasks to a trusted …

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