Super Saturday SEO – How to Achieve Real SEO and Respond to Google’s Latest Penguin Update

google-penguinWith Google’s latest Penguin update, many small businesses are expected to give their SEO strategies an overhaul. Just recently, the search engine has rolled Penguin 2.0, which seeks to reduce “web spam.” Google Engineer Matt Cutts said the latest update can have a bigger impact on web spam as it features a brand new generation of algorithms and will “go deeper” by checking not only a website’s home page, but other smaller areas as well.

While Google aims to eliminate “black hat” spam with the release of Penguin 2.0, many experts believe that it can have a huge effect on the online marketing strategies of small businesses, especially those who heavily rely on search engine optimization or SEO. However, there is a simple way a website owner can respond to Google’s latest move. According to them, website owners should shift from link building into real SEO.

For small business owners who fear Google’s 2013 Penguin update, using real SEO is the best way to go. According to experts, today’s SEO should be about using excellent content marketing strategies to earn recognition, social spread, and back links. It should also be integrated with other online marketing strategies and be an ongoing effort as opposed to being one-time, isolated, and technical. To achieve real SEO, here’s what you should do every single month:

Determine What Your Audience Want. To successfully sustain the needs of your target audience or market, you need to determine what they want and what exactly they are looking for. For your SEO efforts to become successful, doing keyword research is crucial. However, don’t over emphasize on keywords that can bring you profit. Instead, you should focus on long-tail keywords as they produce better and more immediate results. In addition, they can increase the scope of your website and build more authority.

Use Content Marketing. If you think you won’t get anything by giving away free information, think again. As mentioned earlier, good content marketing can help you earn recognition, social spread, and back links. It is because most people appreciate good content and if they find one on your site, they are bound to return for more.

Meanwhile, aside from posting highly entertaining and informative articles, posting videos is an excellent content marketing strategy that can help attract more visitors to your website. Unfortunately, many business owners still don’t realise the potential of using videos. Another good content marketing strategy is newsjacking, which targets hot news topics for viral spread.

Promote Your Brand. Not only it can help you establish a stronger online presence, mentioning your brand name on online posts can also help with SEO. In addition, there is increasing evidence that Google deems branded content as legitimate and it is likely that the search engine giant won’t consider branded posts as web spam. However, make sure that you avoid making your branded content into an endorsement. Instead, you should use “subtle” strategies, like using press releases, to promote your brand while offering useful or news-worthy information.

Syndicate. As mentioned earlier, real SEO should be integrated with your other online marketing strategies. Therefore, all content posted online should be promoted. Spread the word about the article or video that you post by using email marketing, social media, and guest blog posts. Using PPC ads and sponsoring a local event can also help your brand get noticed.

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