How to Keep Up with Facebook Changes

One of the single most evolutionary ways a company can expand and connect with customers over the past decade has been through Facebook.

The problem, though, with marketing on Facebook is that brand pages are going through constant changes. As  Facebook continues to implement these new changes and shift how companies are able to interact with a customer base, keeping up with Facebook changes can seem like a chore all in itself, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are two quick tips to make it easier to keep track of Facebook changes that will effect your marketing strategy.

1. Follow Facebook News

This no-brainer gives you several reputable sources to choose from. You can choose from Facebook’s official business page, Facebook for Privacy, Facebook for Business, or the unofficial Facebook blog– AllFacebook. Each of these reliable sources regularly inform users about changes and major announcements that impact how businesses can strategise over Facebook.

Each of these are excellent sources for knowing when a new Facebook change may be coming.

2. Use New Features That Make Sense to Your Company

It’s important to adopt new Facebook features only if they improve the customer experience or improve your campaign performance. If you blatantly accept every new feature that a Facebook change offers, you run the risk of spending too much time setting the feature up and complicating the campaign process.

A good rule of thumb is to give each new Facebook feature a test run before permanently adding it to your brand page. A good example is when Facebook rolled out their enhanced Page Post Targeting feature, which allowed you to create posts to certain people of your fan base. If you’re an international company that wants to target a specific geographical area or sex demographic, then this feature would be better used than ignored.

Facebook will continue to make changes that shift how a company achieves social media marketing objectives for as long as the company is around. Instead of looking at Facebook changes as a horrible thing, look at them as different ways to better create engaging, meaningful relationships with your customers. Remain focused on strategy and ROI and your business will eventually navigate forward towards social media marketing success.

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