3 Extremely Helpful Tips for Generating Leads

One of the single biggest issues faced by small to medium sized brands is in the lack of qualified leads for business. Sure, it would be great to have a steady stream of leads knocking on your email inbox, but in reality, most companies just don’t have enough time for generating leads, or don’t have enough experience. The good thing is that no matter what industry you are in, there is a large number of places and lead generating techniques that can give your business highly targeted prospects.

Whilst some lead generating techniques cost little to nothing on your part, most require your efforts and time. Here are 3 tips for finding leads that are qualified and targeted for your business.

1) Utilise the Search Engines. The search engine’s “Pay-Per-Click” programs are still one of the single most effective ways to instantly attract large amounts of traffic to a business’ website. Pay per click should be at the forefront of your online traffic generating methods.

Pay per click programs allow you to put your brand directly in front of internet browsers who are actively searching for products, services or pieces of information you have to offer. With PPC, you’re in control of the budget, the amount you are willing to pay for each lead, and only pay when a person clicks on your advertisement.

2) Give Something Away for Free. Whether you want to encourage people to sign up to your brand’s weekly newsletter or you are in the middle of an advertising campaign, giving a free gift to visitors is an excellent way to get leads. This “freebie” can be anything from a well-developed white paper containing the latest research in a particular industry, or it could be a podcast, ebook, or coupon. Find which offer would appeal most to your target audience and test a few different offers to find the one that delivers the most promising results. People are more than willing to hand over their contact information in exchange for a free gift, making it a terrific method for generating leads for business.

3) Make it Personal. You can drastically improve the results of any lead generating campaign by personalising communication between you and the prospective lead as much as possible. It’s suggested that you divide your email list into two or three sections based on location, industry, age, or common interest, and make the email more customised to fit that section. In turn, each person receives a more customised, personalised message. Not only has this been shown to improve click-through-rate, it shows that you are genuinely interested in turning specific people into valued customers.

In order to effectively find the best method of generating leads, your business has to constantly test, revise and improve its advertisement performance. Doing this can take time and serious effort. But if you could use someone to take the strain and stress out of having to dig up results, feel free to contact us today at Virtual Elves. Find out exactly how we can help you move towards the path of success with finding leads for business.

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