Why Did Google Change Their Logo?

First, they changed the use of the Google+. Then they added security features to their Google Map Maker. Now, they made a new change with regards to the image of the company. If you open your Google Chrome browser, you will see a change in their logo. The purpose of this change is to keep up with the multitude of ways people now search on the internet. Nowadays, people don’t only use a laptop or a personal computer to do research. We also use our smartphones, tablets and other communication devices to search for some information on the internet. With this in mind, Google has made some changes on the images and logo.

What Are the Changes?

The old colours used in the logo are still present, but the font used in the logo has changed. From serif font, the logo uses a sans-serif font to its full logo. As for the letter G icon, they use a capital letter G that has a mixture of four colours that you can see on the full logo. The spokesperson said that they have taken the best of Google and recast it for today and future use.

How the New Logo Was Made?

The creators wanted to distil the importance of the logo down to its core– four colours on a plain background– and build it up again. The team got their inspiration from the old logo changing it to an approachable style to appeal to youth using the popular search engine.

They also added that they will make some changes to the mobile app. But unlike the changes they have made on the search engine, the changes on the mobile app look more subtle. If you use the mobile app for searching, you just need to swipe the screen horizontally so you can see the results, just like when you want to see the trending topics on Twitter.

The Google mobile app is also getting new features along with the recent changes to the background and logo. One of the recent changes is the Google Now Card. In this feature, you have the freedom to change the card size throughout the day.

Are There Any Other Changes?

Aside from the search engine’s logo, the Google campus is also under renovation. They also want to give the building a new look, just like their search engine, by displaying the new logo of the company.


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