The Simple Hack that Directs Traffic to your Facebook Page & Boosts Reach

We’ve been trying a lot of different techniques on social in the past few weeks and measuring the success of each to see if we can implement them on a weekly basis for our own social pages and that of the client’s we support.

Some have worked, some have disappointed – but there has been one little hack that has stood out for me as being genius, both in it’s simplicity and it’s effectiveness. It serves in a number of ways: it increases the reach and directs traffic to your Facebook business page, recycles content – making it ‘work harder’ for you and harnesses the power of ‘tried and true’ content – utilising and boosting posts that you know already resonate with your audience.

And I’m going to show you how to do it.

Step 1. Check your Insights

If you don’t know about the handy Facebook Insights tab by now, well – you need help. But if you are socially savvy you’ll know how to direct yourself to the page that shows you the reach and engagement history of your posts. Go here and choose a post that has tracked well organically with your audience.

capture 1

Step 2. Grab the Post’s Unique Link

By clicking the date of the post you’ve selected you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be able to grab a link that directs back to that specific post.

capture 2

Step 3. Promote the Post

After you’ve got your unique link – get cracking promoting that puppy! You can re-post the link to your Facebook site using a different comment to freshen it up, post to your Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social platform you desire. You can even use the link in your email marketing to direct traffic back to your business page.

capture 3


Have you got any handy social hacks that have worked for your business? Please share with us!

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