The Simple Secret to Having a Productive Day

Picture this common scenario – you’ve woken on the right side of the bed, kids are off to school and you’re full of coffee, ready to take on the world! You sit down at your desk, boot up the computer and start to write out your tasks for the day. Your creative juices are flowing this morning so you brain dump every little thing you’ve been wanting to get to onto your ‘to do’ list – you’re motivated and pumped to start working!

Fast forward to the end of the day and you’re an exhausted mess, trying desperately to tick off all the tasks that you had the very best intentions on completing. You arrive at the inevitable conclusion that you’re not going to achieve everything you’d hoped today – your ‘to do’ list turning from an optimistic affirmation to an accusation of your incompetence.

Sound familiar?

” Setting unrealistic goals is the great enemy of productivity “ TWEET THIS QUOTE – when you take on too much you set yourself up for failure and open the door for chaos to walk in and cause havoc with your schedule!

So what is the secret to having a productive day?

Simple: Cut your ‘to do’ list in half and focus on a few key tasks. Hell – you might just set one task to achieve in a day – but if you focus on it, and execute it well, you’re going to avoid the stress and the frazzle that comes with trying to spread yourself too thin.

There is time to get it all done – trust me. You don’t have to do it all in one day. Plan out your week in advance, break up larger tasks into smaller ones and resist the urge to overload your schedule.

By giving yourself space, you’ll create a mindset that fosters productivity – and have the satisfaction of being able to tick off all of your ‘to do’s’ on a daily basis – and you know how good that feels!

Are you working crazy hours and still finding your workload totally unmanageable? You can build a support network to relieve you of that overwhelm, allowing you to focus on key tasks and run a productive business. Ask us how.

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