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“As women we don’t celebrate ourselves, our achievements and our milestones enough
– and that’s got to change. 

I created The Champagne Lounge to give every woman around the world a cheer squad. A community of women who dream as big as you do. Who want to have more, who want to do more, and who want someone to give them a f**king high-five when they make it a reality. And most importantly, do it with heaps of joy and fun along the way.

It’s time to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU”

Rebecca Saunders


Ep40. Building An International Team with Kristy Smith



In this episode, Rebecca interviews Kristy Smith, the founder of Virtual Elves, discussing her journey in building a successful virtual assistant business. They explore the challenges and triumphs of building a remote team, the importance of community, and the impact of virtual work on mental health. Kristy shares valuable insights on the initial steps for entrepreneurs looking to bring on help and the significance of nurturing a supportive community.


  • Building a successful virtual assistant business requires strategic planning and a focus on community and support.
  • The initial steps for entrepreneurs looking to bring on help involve identifying time-consuming tasks and creating processes for delegation.
  • Nurturing a supportive community is essential for personal and professional growth, and it plays a significant role in mental health and well-being.
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