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Lorraine has hosted her show for five years – on it she helps women who want to optimise their energy and their mindsets in order to build the businesses and lives of their dreams.

Whether your current No.1 priority right now is to scale your business, upgrade your finances, rediscover yourself, find more energy, get more organised, or build a life and/or business that’s more aligned for you, she is here as your guide on the show to help you make it a reality. 

Listen in to her dulcet Irish tones as she shares tales from the frontline of her business and mentoring, behind-the-scenes insights on how she’s approaching life and business, and speak with brilliant expert guests.

Search “The Lorraine Murphy Show” wherever you get your podcasts.  A new episode drops every Friday – subscribe to make sure you always catch the freshest episodes!


EP168 – How To Work With A Virtual Assistant feat. Kristy Smith

Engaging a VA is one of the most accessible ways to scale your business – and it’s often the first step for business owners as they scale their businesses!

There are wonderful advantages to bringing a VA onto your team, however there are also pitfalls to watch out for.

Kristy Smith is the founder of Virtual Elves, a VA agency she founded in 2009 – AKA long before VAs became mainstream!

In our conversation, she shares her insights on how to set you (and your VA) up for a successful relationship

Connect to the podcast here:


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