Scalable Virtual Assistant Services? Sockable’s Story

A Case Study with Brooke McCallum of Sockable Fundraising

In the dynamic world of fundraising, innovation and efficiency are paramount. Sockable, a trailblazer in the fundraising arena, has revolutionised their operations by partnering with Virtual Elves. Brooke McCallum, the driving force behind Sockable, shares her transformative experience leveraging scalable virtual assistant services to elevate her business.

Sockable Fundraising specialises in helping schools, groups, and sports clubs raise funds with a universally loved product—socks. Recognising the need for practical, non-perishable, and easy-to-sell items, Sockable offers a unique solution that fits various fundraising models. With a mission to simplify the fundraising process while maximising impact, Brooke’s vision was clear: provide an in-demand product that ensures fundraising success.

The Need for Scalable Virtual Assistant Services

Running a business that operates primarily online across Australia and the USA presents unique challenges. Brooke needed support that could grow with her business, without the constraints of hiring full-time staff. This is where scalable virtual assistant services from Virtual Elves became a game-changer.

“I know lots of other e-commerce business owners that have outsourced successfully. Meeting Kristy through the Her Business Network was a pivotal moment. Our business model is perfectly suited to outsourcing, and having people work in different locations,” Brooke explains.

The flexibility of scalable virtual assistant services allowed Brooke to start with minimal hours and expand as her business grew, providing the perfect solution for her evolving needs.

Choosing Virtual Elves

Several factors influenced Brooke’s decision to work with Virtual Elves. She needed scalable virtual assistant services that could start on a base level of hours and grow as the business grew. This flexibility wasn’t available with other VA agencies she explored.

“So there were factors that influenced my choice in working with Virtual Elves because I needed a VA that could start on a base level of hours and grow as the business grew. I wasn’t in a position to be able to bring someone on for fixed 20 hours or full-time because I still had tasks that I needed to work on in the business myself and I wanted to gradually introduce them and then have their hours grow with our business as their tasks grew and that wasn’t something that I could find at other VA agencies,” Brooke shares.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process with Virtual Elves was efficient and effective. Brooke was impressed with how swiftly Virtual Elves operated. “I thought the process would take a month, but within a week, I had two candidates to interview. Both had the essentials and desirables I needed. It felt like Christmas!”

She further elaborates, “The recruitment process was super easy. I came up with a list of tasks that my elf would be performing and then I sent that through. I was quite specific about some of the software packages that they needed to be familiar with. I had some very high desirables and then there were a few skills that were not essential but were desirable. I sent those through and then I got a list of candidates back in a super fast manner and they had everything that I needed.”

Achieving Business Goals with Scalable Virtual Assistant Services

One of Brooke’s primary goals for the year was to delegate day-to-day operations. By onboarding JM, her exceptional VA from Virtual Elves, this goal became achievable much sooner than expected.

“My ‘Big Kahuna’ was to have the day-to-day operations of the business handled by staff and I thought that that would probably be possible by the end of 2024 and by onboarding my amazing VA JM that’s actually going to be possible by the end of this financial year no problems at all,” Brooke reveals. “Virtual Elves exceeded my expectations at every step.

The support from Virtual Elves allowed Brooke to focus on strategic growth and innovation, knowing that the daily operations were in capable hands.

A Seamless Experience

Brooke’s previous experiences with VA agencies required her to manage the VAs herself, adding to her workload. Virtual Elves provided a different experience by handling management tasks, ensuring Brooke could focus on her business.

“I knew Virtual Elves was going to be different from previous outsourcing experiences when the initial process of finding that perfect person for Sockable was handled well, it was fast. I had really good quality applicants, the communication was excellent all the way through. When I actually started working with my candidate, I was checked in on. We asked how we were going. I said everything’s amazing, no problems here. But that process is different and really important to me.”

Brooke appreciated the continuous support from Virtual Elves, which included not just the recruitment but also the ongoing management and oversight of her VA.

Advice for Business Owners

Reflecting on her journey, Brooke advises other business owners to embrace scalable virtual assistant services sooner rather than later.

“I waited to ensure systems were perfect before outsourcing. I could have had help creating those systems earlier. Leveraging a VA’s time can make your business better and give you more freedom.

She continues, “I would say do it earlier. I waited a long time to make sure that the processes were all in place, the systems were perfect, everything was documented. I could have worked with Virtual Elves earlier and had help from my VA to create the systems. Working with your VA, you do look at all those systems and processes again as you teach them, and it brings up areas that you didn’t realise needed more attention anyway.”

Future Plans

scalable virtual assistant services sockable 1

Brooke looks forward to continuing her partnership with Virtual Elves.

“My VA is amazing and can teach future VAs, reducing my workload. I am excited to grow my team with the support of scalable virtual assistant services.

“In the future, I would love to continue to work with Virtual Elves and grow my team. My VA is absolutely amazing and I have total confidence in him that he can teach future VAs and onboard them so that I don’t have to do that task and I really look forward to continuing to grow the team,” she adds.

Sockable’s success story underscores the transformative power of scalable virtual assistant services. By partnering with Virtual Elves, Brooke McCallum has streamlined her operations, achieved her business goals, and set the stage for future growth. Her experience is a testament to the value of embracing innovative solutions in today’s competitive landscape.

Final Thoughts

Brooke concludes, “When Virtual Elves was suggested to us, we did not look at any other options. They had the stamp of approval from our business mentor and other great family businesses. Initially, we interviewed three candidates Virtual Elves provided before hiring. Hiring a VA is an extremely low-risk choice when looking to hire. Most Aussie business owners will tell you how frustrating the labour market is currently. We all have a horror story about a hire. At the time we hired our VA, we could not afford a full-time staff member here in Australia. We viewed a VA as a bit of a stepping stone; this couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, a VA is a much smarter move and is a great way to scale.” 

Brooke’s journey with Virtual Elves exemplifies the transformative impact of scalable virtual assistant services on business operations. Her endorsement of Virtual Elves speaks volumes about the quality of service and the tangible benefits that virtual assistants bring to businesses seeking to scale and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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