How to Organise a To Do List in 6 Steps

To-Do List - Learn - Dry Erase BoardThe cornerstone for every productive person who likes to be prepared lies in the most traditional form of planning: the ToDo list.

Here’s how to organise a ToDo list in 6 ridiculously simple steps.

1. Create a system that’s right for you. For many people the traditional paper-based version of a ToDo list works just fine, but for the slightly more tech-savvy generation a free online program might be the way to go. What you use to create your ToDo list boils down to which tools you already use in your daily routine. Are you online a lot? Do you browse the web on your phone a lot? Is a lined piece of notebook paper more your style?

2. Divide your system into three sections: Your “ToDo List”, your “Waiting For” list, and your “Someday/Maybe” list. Now empty out all your to dos onto your new lists. It’s fine to create more sections of your list, but try to keep it clear and simple for now. You can always make changes later!

3. Your “ToDo” list is the section you will place all your current affairs, tasks, calls that need to be made, meetings, deadlines, etc. A good way to keep your list from being a boring chore is to place a motivational quote at the top the list. Once you have everything down, examine your to do list and pick out your Top 3 for the day. These will be of higher importance and priority than other current tasks.

4. On your “Waiting For” list, put down all the things you’re waiting on others to accomplish, so if your virtual assistant is finishing a task or you’ve delegated something, write it down under this list. To make it easier later on to check on the progress of each task within your waiting list, it’s a good idea to put the name of the person you’re waiting on at the beginning of each bullet point for easy scanning.

5. We’re on the “Someday/Maybe” list now, and this is where you have permission to go crazy. Jot down any potential business ideas, brainstorm session results, fuzzy business thoughts, aspirations that you hope to accomplish with your brand, and practically anything you might want to remember later on that could help your business.

6. Now it’s time to review all three of your composed lists. The best time to do this is at the beginning or end of each workday. Examine your lists, find out what you need to accomplish that day, and make sure to constantly update your lists and monitor the progress of each task.

Even though the notion of having a ToDo list might seem a little outdated or even overrated, it’s definitely not! We all feel like we have thousands of things to do, and with so little time to get these things done, it can result in chaos. This results in dis-organisation and not much gets done. Don’t let this happen to you! Become a “task doer” with these helpful ToDo list organization tips.



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