Super Saturday SEO – 14 Nifty Google Tools You Should Check Out

Google has always been known as more than just a search engine. Well, with all the useful online tools that it is offering, it isn’t really that surprising. But did you know that Google has a lot in store for Internet users like you? These Google tools can be a huge help, especially if you own an online business or if you’re simply conducting various research on the Internet.

Google Ngram Viewer

With Google’s Ngram Viewer, you can find specific keywords in books and published manuscripts. This tool can be quite useful when it comes to identifying trends over time as it lets you search keywords in millions of books that were published over the span of half a millennium. It also has advanced options, including those that enable you to combine keywords or find particular keywords as specific parts of speech.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can look at top searches in different categories. With its Explore function, you can enter a search term and identify how it trended during a particular period. It also lets you determine the location where the search term has trended. What’s more, this Google tool allows you to view popular searches in a colourful full screen format.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate, meanwhile, helps you determine search trends over time. It is part of Google Trends and it lets you see what Google users have been searching at a specific point in time. For example, when you use Google Correlate, you’ll see that more people are using the keyword “soup” in their searches during the winter season.

Google Think Insights

Google Think Insights offers case studies, new findings, and tips on how to grow your business. It also features tools for improving the success rate of your ad campaigns and beefing up your site analytics. Because of such features, this particular Google tool can be quite handy for entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Google Public Data Explorer

Google Public Data Explorer lets you search and obtain information from various databases around the world, including those managed by the World Bank, the US Census Bureau, and OECD. It also allows you to create graphs or a map using the data that you have collected.

Full Value of Mobile

As the name implies, this tool lets you determine the value of having a mobile site. Google’s Full Value of Mobile service helps you determine how your customers interact with the different aspects of your online business or website.

Get Your Business Online

This Google initiative seeks to encourage people, specifically those from the US, to bring their business online. As part of the initiative, Google is offering listing for events and lessons. It also includes free hosting for one year

Webmasters Tools

This Google feature is extremely helpful for those who are managing a website. It allows them to monitor not only the health of the site, but also the amount of traffic their website is generating.


Do you have lots of things to do? Or perhaps you are simply looking for stuff to do around in your area? If you “yes” to these questions, then Google’s Schemer can be a huge help. It is basically a combination of a to-do list and social even planning app. It is a great tool for travellers who want to make the most of their trip and for locals who are looking for things to do in their neighbourhood.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts provides you with open source web fonts that you can use for private or commercial purposes. Presently, the service is offering more than 600 font families that you can filter by thickness, slant, width, and script.

Google Developers

Google also has something for web developers to use. Google Developers features various resources, including tools for internationalising different websites and live presentations of tutorials. It also enables developers to join groups and collaborate with their fellow web experts.


In a nutshell, Dart is a programming language developed and released by Google in 2011. It is still in its development stages but the search giant hopes that Dart will eventually replace JavaScript as the main programming language used in modern web applications.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an application that connects you to your Google Drive. It is released just recently and can be synchronised with all your devices. This Google tools let you organise your notes, voice memos, pictures, and checklists among other things.

Google Sky

Google Sky will definitely delight astronomy buffs from across the globe. A part of Google Earth, this Google service enables you to explore space and various star systems. It uses images from the Hubble Telescope and was made in collaboration with NASA.

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