Android Wear: Gadget on your Wrist

lg-gTechnology has once again taken a huge leap forward with wearable computer system particularly the Android Wear. Portable gadgets has taken on a whole new meaning. Your cellular phone is not the only thing you keep close to your body. You can now wear one too – on your wrist. With these new development, operating systems are updated and developed to cope up with the demands of these new technology. Android Wear was announced by the company in June last year as a leg of Google that caters specifically to watches and other wearable devices.

Google has launched its Android Wear on LG G Watch. The main sell of this new gadget is the accessibility of checking your notification even without your phone as your smartphone and watch is syncable. If you already saw these notification in your watch, you will not see it on your mobile phone anymore. It also integrated the design elements of Android L for easier use. Over the course of months, Google has updated Android Wear to make it user-friendly than ever. Nowadays, Android Wear is WI-FI supported and already has an always-on feature. For those who are worried about the battery life with an always-on feature, worry not for Google has solved that problem for you. When you are using your app, it will be in full colors and shift to black and white when you are not.

Android Wear also features different useful apps that competes with smartphones. Users can play music even if offline with the use of Bluetooth headphones. They can also get GPS support especially if the watch has a GPS sensor. Productivity apps such as location-based or time-based reminders.

Newest improvement to the Android Wear includes being able to draw emojis and new wrist gestures. Google has also launched The News and Weather App with over 65,000 publications to keep you up to date on the latest news and trends. The News and Weather App is applicable for Apple watch and can be personalized. The OK Google voice activation feature is also a huge help for users making it more user-friendly.

A lot of smartphone users and tech geeks are picking up on using smart watches. It is lightweight, very portable, easy and fun to use. You do not even have to touch it for it to function. Many of its feature can be used for both personal and business agendas. Use it correctly and it can be another avenue for business owners to market their products.

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