Certified Online Marketing Experts Share Tips on Getting Better Google Rankings and More Conversions

Google_onlinemarketerAccording to seasoned online marketers, there is no magic pill or silver bullet that will magically make your website or online marketing campaigns successful. Rather, it is a combination of effective strategies that will help you improve your search rankings and create more conversions. If you’re wondering how you can ensure the success of your digital strategies, here are some pieces of excellent advice from certified online marketing experts.

No 1: Create copies that speak to each segment of your customer base.

Angie Shotmuller, who was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top marketers of 2015, said the process of content creation starts with knowing your customers better. You should assess the different needs within the segments of your customer base. Then, write a copy that speaks to each of those groups, Angie said. Also, marketers like you shouldn’t be afraid to speak to regional audiences in their own “language” because it shows that you “get” them on a more personal level.

No 2: Conduct your own tests.

Kyle Rush, who is known for his involvement in the 2012 campaign of US President Barack Obama, said it is easy for most marketers to claim the results of tests, especially those with overwhelmingly positive results, as fact. However, some of the results of such tests may not be applicable to your situation. If you want your marketing campaigns to succeed, you should conduct your own tests and adjust your strategies based on the results of those tests.

No 3: Get there first.

As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm.” This is a philosophy PPC expert Larry Kim lives by when it comes to launching AdWords campaigns. According to him, PPC advertisers or even online marketers should always strive to be a “first mover.” For instance, if they use Google AdWords, they should spend some time reading up on the new AdWords features and options and try them out. They should always be on the lookout for new technologies their competitors haven’t tried yet to get ahead.

No 4: Create “niche destinations.”

According to Andy Cretodina, co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media Studios, anyone can create a series of loosely-related content. However, content marketing experts and seasoned bloggers know that a “great blog is built around a set of related topics.” As such, you should create “niche destinations” by picking a topic relevant to your audience. Then, identify the questions people have about the topic and the ways your company can answer them. This will enable you to build a content hub that will give your search ranking, social sharing, and lead generation a huge boost.

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