4 Easy Tasks to Outsource – That Every Business Should be Doing!

help wantedThere is a very broad range of business tasks you can outsource – from creative services such as graphic and document design, to technical jobs such as web development and SEO (and just to get a sneaky plug in – we can help you with these too!) But for the purpose of this article let’s narrow it down a little and focus just on Virtual Assistants.

You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to the type of tasks you can outsource to a VA, all you have to do is take the time to train them and show them how you do business. But there are a few key (and time consuming!) tasks that every business should be doing that can swiftly and easily be outsourced to an experienced VA – and I’m going to tell you what they are!

1. Social Media Management: with the right procedures you can get your VA to handle the day to day administration of your social media. From scheduling your posts, researching content, creating graphics and connecting with other users – your VA can manage all of these and more, depending on what your business needs are.

2. Blog Administration: Not only can you outsource your article writing to an experienced, industry specific ghost writer, but you can also get your VA to administer the formatting, upload and marketing of you content, including emails to your list and posting on social media! Do you write your own blogs but the ensuing repetitive and time consuming administration causes you to be less than consistent with getting it out every week? A VA can help you with that!

3. Regular Account Keeping: whilst not accountants, your VA can still assist with the ongoing management of your accounts. From generating invoices, entering expenses, reconciling and debtor management – a VA can manage all of this on a regular basis and keep your records up to date.

4. Research: Need a list of networking events or some options for catering at a particular function? An easy task maybe, but time consuming. Give your VA a detailed brief of what you need and they can go to town – so you can have that information at your fingertips pronto.

To be frank – this is just scratching the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to administrative tasks you can outsource to your VA (like CRM and diary management.) But I wanted to illustrate four of the easiest tasks to hand over. Think of those repetitive, weekly or monthly administrative tasks that, while important to the operations of your business, take up your energy and your time.

You will find that most VA’s will have skill and experience in the systems and procedures that facilitate these tasks – and if they don’t exist in your business we can aid you in setting them up. If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of tasks a VA can perform for you, check out our e-book: 100 Things a VA can do for You.

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