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I’ve recently been working with some wonderful business mentors to really hone in on my business direction, the products and services I want to sell and the type of value I want to impart to my clients. I’ve started to change my views on exactly what it is that I offer, and what sets me apart from my contemporaries. I’ve realised that I don’t simply want to be the middle man in setting up my clients with a Virtual Assistant – I want to do more than that. When people approach me about finding offshore assistance, it’s usually because they need to change the way things are currently operating in their business – they are usually spending inordinate amounts of time working in their business rather than on their business. They are stressed, overwhelmed, and know they need help in order for their business to grow. They need definition & direction in their business. They have fallen into the trap of “same actions, same outcomes” and have already identified the need for assistance before they approach me.

Well I have spent some blood, sweat and tears lately defining my own professional direction and I can tell you, in order to propel your business into the big time you need to transform the way you work. I’m here to show you how you can do this!

The first step is to actually take a step back. Yep! You need to step back from your business and really look at the big picture. What is it you want to achieve? Do you need more sales? Better products and services? Or is it greater operational efficiency that you desire? The needs of each business owner are unique, and there is a way to address each of these unique needs.

But it’s not just about sourcing the right kind of Virtual Assistant. As a business owner seeking help you need to be open to the idea of change. You want to work smarter not harder right? Well, you have to be prepared to put in the leg work. You have to really define what it is you need and how both you and your VA are going to achieve this together. This means coming up with new business processes, implementing new systems, essentially transforming the way you work.

But you don’t know where to start do you?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you do this, you are not alone!

I, too, had to step back from my business and really evaluate what it was I wanted and how I was going to achieve it. 4 years ago I was happy pottering along as a Virtual Assistant, working for a handful of great clients. But I wasn’t making anywhere near the kind of cash I had been when I was working in corporate. I needed to reassess what it was I wanted from my business, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. With the right motivation and the right processes I grew my team to include 2 VA’s from the Phillippines, a graphic designer from Bulgaria and a web developer from Pakistan. Suddenly my business was scalable, my profits doubled within 12 months and because I had the resources to outsource I freed up more time to spend with my partner and my kids.

Right now I’m focussed on improving my services and client nurturing, and planning to add another VA or two to my team. This can be you too and I would love to have a chat and help you understand more how I can help scale and grow your business and propel you into the BIG TIME!

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