3 Reasons You Should Be Using Dropbox for Business

DropBox is currently one of the most widely used cloud platforms out there, even keeping up with giant competitors like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. DropBox has also become a vital part of running an enterprise, which is actually no surprise since its customer base is made up of over two million businesses from around the world. The company itself even claims that 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Dropbox for their business.

So are you using Dropbox for business?

In early 2013 Dropbox re-branded its Dropbox for Teams product into Dropbox for Business, which tells the world that Dropbox is ready to let its corporate side shine. Are you curious on how to use Dropbox for business? Feel free to check out the tips below.

1. Easy Access

The ability to access files and data on Dropbox through the web or apps on any mobile operating system is only part of the reason why so many companies are using Dropbox for business.

The Dropbox interface also allows individuals and entire teams to easily share specific files with one another with zero hassle. By uploading a file to Dropbox you get to choose exactly who you want to have access to the file, and whoever you share that file with can upload or delete the file altogether. With Dropbox you have a central hub for all projects and collaborations, where everyone involved can track progress and stay up to date with each other‘s work and the project as a whole.

2. Organisation 

While it’s still common for businesses to share files through email, a large number of business emails are hard to sort, maintain and find. Dropbox has a better solution for categorizing your businesses documents.

By using Dropbox for business you have the ability to group files in whatever way makes the most sense for your project. Any folders created within this set of files will automatically sync to the devices of the people who have access to them. And because of Dropbox’s easy to navigate interface, finding individual and groups of documents is painstakingly simple.

To avoid having to browse through each folder to track progress, the Dropbox Event’s tab allows you to easily keep track of any changes made to the folders within your account, which gives you, the business owner, a much clearer presentation of updates and changes made.

3. Security 

Because Dropbox is cloud-based where anything could potentially happen, a number of people are weary with using Dropbox for storing important files related to their business. But the truth is that Dropbox has strong security measures in place to protect and defend data and files. For those timid about Dropbox’s security, there’s an additional option where you can implement a two-step verification of an account to reduce any potential threats.

Brand’s from all across the world are using Dropbox for business to improve productivity and project efficiency. What about you, are you using Dropbox for business? If you’re like some who don’t like the idea of important documents being stored away in the cloud, you always have the option to get organized with the help from one of our dedicated, focused virtual assistants. Feel free to contact us immediately for more information.

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