Super Saturday SEO – New Google Feature Gives Users More In-Depth Articles in Search Results

Good news for those who use Google to find various things and information online. The search giant has just raised the bar on itself by providing yet another new Google feature for those looking for in-depth articles on the Internet. In a recent blog post, Google has announced that the search engine has introduced new search results to help users find more detailed articles on topics that require further explanations or clarifications.

According to the tech giant, about 10% of all users’ daily information requests require longer and more comprehensive information about certain topics. This prompted Google to roll out the changes, which took effect just several days ago. Unfortunately, the new search feature is only available in English. However, Google users in non-English speaking countries need not worry. The tech giant said it is planning to expand the service into other languages in the near future.

According to Pandu Nayak, a member of Google’s technical staff, the new search feature is geared towards encouraging Internet users to continue sharing meaningful content online. “I’m happy to see people continue to invest in thoughtful in-depth content that will remain relevant for months or even years after publication. This is exactly what you’ll find in the new feature,” Nayak wrote.

For website owners, meanwhile, Google has offered some pointers on how website owners can take advantage of the search engine’s latest features. According to its blog post, website owners can help Google’s algorithms “understand” their pages better by using “article” markup. Google is also encouraging bloggers and website owners to provide authorship markup and more information about their organisation’s logo, in case they are a part of a group or a company. Website owners should also use rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles.

Adding simple article elements like a clear headline, article description, and publishing date can also help improve an in-depth’s article’s visibility on Google’s new search feature. Including an image in the content can help, too. Authors, meanwhile, who have a Google+ account with a photo can have their personal information show up alongside their articles on the new search results.

And most important of all, bloggers and website owners who want to use this new Google new feature to their advantage should never forget to create compelling and in-depth content for their site. Because the new search feature was made specifically for users looking for more comprehensive and detailed articles online, website owners are advised to avoid using irrelevant or machine-generated articles to improve their chances of their content appearing in this new set of search results.

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