Virtual Implementation Workshops & Consulting

Are you a business advisor/coach, virtual CEO or business owner looking to ensure the success of your strategies into your clients’ businesses but struggling to find the time to do so or just don’t love training and implementation?

I have worked with many advisors, coaches and business owners just like you over the last 10 years helping to deliver workshops and “how to” implementation sessions on site to their clients and teams.

With the changing landscape of business consulting however, I am now taking this work online through Zoom workshops and individual consulting sessions. That way we reach everyone, wherever they are.

What makes me special?

I have been running Virtual Elves as a home-based virtual business model for over 10 years. Our team of over 25 virtual assistants have always been home-based in the Philippines and our systems and processes around this have been developed over this time. On top of this, I have spent my entire career over 30 years training and delivering content to people.

What can I help with?

The list of things I can help with is so long but the following may help you understand the types of situations where I can be of value:

A recent advisor asked me to assist their law firm client by helping them establish their LinkedIn presence. After obtaining the brief, I spent 2 x 2hr sessions working with the partners and marketing team to walk through the steps to create and leverage their personal LinkedIn profiles, best practice, and how they could then use it as a marketing tool for the business. The result was all partners having strong profiles that they were proud to have linked to the company and were then able to share and manage content and connections on brand.

Another virtual CEO had me work with his client that was a family farm machinery business with a number of sales people. The brief there was somehow to get them from being paper based and working individually, to working centrally into a CRM and being driven by results and metrics that were visible and measurable. This was primarily to help him in his role of managing the team and helping grow their business. After meeting with the team we identified Zoho CRM as a viable option and I consulted with them around how their sales process flows, who was involved and the metrics they wanted to measure. I engaged a contractor to set up the platform for them and then created a 2hr training and implementation workshop to help the team engage with, adopt and implement the system we had created. The result was that the virtual CEO was able to track and have reporting on the key metrics to then be able to drive the areas in the business that were lacking.

Here are some more areas of expertise that I can consult on:

  • Time management and managing overwhelm
  • Identifying tasks that can be delegated/outsourced
  • Email and Calendar best practice
  • Efficiency in creating procedures for business units
  • Using task/project management systems
  • Using customer relationship management systems
  • Email marketing programs
  • Building strong virtual cultures

Another things I am totally passionate about is my community. Over the last 4 years I have been instrumental in growing a local junior AFL club here in Sydney. Implementing structure, processes, a strong committee and a social presence leveraging the wider AFL community has seen us in 4 short years go from 50 Auskick players to a club of over 400 players with 20 teams and a strong 140 Auskick. This has seen us named fastest growing JAFL club in the Sydney Harbour region for 2 years running. The strategies adopted here were no different to that of a small business. Social media infiltration, good people, good processes.

You can be assured of an enthusiastic partner when you engage my services to support your strategies!

How about starting the conversation?

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