Virtual Elves Are the Support You Need

Working as a travel agent can be extremely stressful at times – with tight deadlines, customers needing assistance 24/7 and trying to find a balance to complete everyday work. Having a Virtual Assistant was the best decision for my business, so it could flourish receiving all the attention it deserves.

Some individuals aren’t sure on delegating the work of something they are truly passionate in, but at Josh Zuker Travel it has been a blessing to have Virtual Elves by my side.

Having a Virtual Assistant has meant that I can focus on the work that needs 100% of my attention and to remove the pressure of other tasks that Virtual Elves can look after.

Without my Virtual Assistants becoming an independent business owner would have been a lot more stressful and the work that they have completed including our new website design, social media posting and design works has always been to an impeccable standard.

Make sure you talk to Virtual Elves about what they can do for you! See my main reasons for having them join my team below:

  • Time Management: It truly is amazing how much more efficient you can be if you take some of the workload off your own shoulders. My Virtual Assistants have been a blessing in providing me with more time to focus on what I am working on. I am able to put more detail and passion into the work I am completing and not have to worry about the work my Virtual Assistants have picked up for me.
  • Working From Anywhere: Being a travel agent it is not uncommon for me to work away from the office. Whether it is a business trip or having to catch up with clients while I am away, having dedicated Virtual Assistants to ‘hold the fort’ while I’m away means I can focus on where I am traveling and not have to worry about how things are going at home.
  • High Standard of Work: The Virtual Elves team has always provided my business with high-quality materials that I am proud of. Knowing that Virtual Elves want my business to succeed as much as I do is all I need to know to ensure I can trust them with any work I need to be completed.
  • Advice: The team at Virtual Elves are full of advice and tips on how to take control of your business and have it working for you rather than you working for it. All the advice they have provided me has been of great use and I appreciate all their thoughts to help improve my business.

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