Taking the Leap As An Entrepreneur

Starting your own business – whether large or small – is both an exciting and daunting task. For myself, starting Josh Zuker Travel began from my passion in travel and wanting to share that passion with the rest of the world.

Although it is a challenge, setting up your own business brings a high amount of reward from the sense of achievement, determining your own goals and celebrating your own successes along the way.

If you are thinking of branching out, whether you are a franchisee thinking to start on your own or have an idea that you want to work on from the ground up it is important that you have a plan to get you there. While business plans will vary for everyone it is important that you factor in reasonable goals to obtain your dream job!

Josh Zuker Travel was created to give back the service level that people need, not only in the travel industry but also as a whole. We find that our customer’s aren’t always price focused, that they want high-quality customer service and for our business to listen to their needs.

Starting your own business will be hard and will take a lot of additional work, but if done correctly, you can focus your time on your passions. For Josh Zuker Travel setting up automation apps running behind the scenes and investing in the assistance of Virtual Elves has given me more time to spend interacting with our customers.

Another aspect I have loved about starting my own business is learning and developing new systems and tools. Having your own business means you can make your dreams into your own world, so learning new ways of how to get there is always a pleasure of the business. Working with freelancers in both Australia and internationally has been a great direction for the business – although it can be challenging at times the work produced far outweighs any negatives.

At the end of they day running my own business has been such an exciting opportunity and I love being able to look around and say that I have done that and created something that makes an impact.

Running my own business is not just about making money and turning people’s travel dreams into reality; to me it’s about creating everlasting relationships.

So to anyone out there wanting to start your own business or are needing to see what you can do to improve your business make sure you ask the team at virtual elves to see how they can assist you! As they have been a tremendous help to Josh Zuker Travel.

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