Google Working on New Social Bookmarking Tool

Google has been known to surprise the online community with its various projects and updates to its search algorithm. And over the last couple of months, it seems that the tech giant is cooking up another project that could be quite useful for all Internet users. According to reports, Google’s latest undercover project is called Google Stars.t-google-star-1300195846

Dan Cristo of Search Engine Watch revealed that Google Stars is basically a social bookmarking tool that “works like Pinterest, looks like Google Drive, and feels like it could replace the +1 button.” Much of the information about this project is still kept under wraps but a certain programmer for the tech giant has managed to put two and two together and shared with others how Google Stars is supposed to work.

Google Stars reportedly includes an extension for Google Chrome that you can install in your computer. Once installed, you’ll get access to its dashboard that provides you with Pinterest-like thumbnails instead of the usual long list of saved bookmarks in your browser’s navigation menu. What’s more, the thumbnails come with Google’s search functionality and YouTube-style sharing options.

According to Dan, there are three things that you can do within Google Stars’ dashboard. You can search your saved bookmarks, engaged with a bookmark (edit, delete, or share it with your friends), and organise them using a folder system that resemble the one on Google Drive.

To add a new bookmark to a folder, Dan said all you have to do is visit that page in your Chrome browser. Then, click the star icon that will appear on the right side of the address bar. A Pinterest-style menu will open up and you can now select which folder to save the page to within Stars.

Now if you want to share your bookmarks with your friends, you can make a newly created folder public. Google Stars will give you a link that you can share. This process is similar to sharing a video on YouTube or a file on Google Drive.

Meanwhile, Google has yet to announce when exactly Stars will be officially released. But from Dan’s experience with the program’s extension for Chrome, he said it is only a matter of time before the tech giant makes a public announcement. He believes that Google is still working on a few adjustments, like integrating Stars with one’s Google account.

Overall, Google Stars is a program worth watching out for as it makes saving and organising bookmarks a piece of cake. And with its auto-organisation feature, Dan believes that it can also play a significant role in search engine optimisation.

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