Are you working as an employee in your own business?

• Are you the type of person who is reluctant to ask for help?
• Do you have a great product or service but find you have no time to take the next step in your business?
• Do you feel like you’re working long hours but your business is stuck in a holding pattern?
• Are you great at marketing your business but get bogged down with so many day to day tasks you have no time to focus on it?

If you’re nodding your head right now you’re working as an employee in your own business! Let me tell you a bit of my own history:

Most tasks that I outsource are tasks I can and have done myself at one point or another: social media marketing, website updates, copywriting, lead generation – these are all tasks I’ve set my hand to when I was building my business. I can do pretty much everything my team can do. I could be making great money if I was doing this all myself – but I’d be working 24/7 and there would be little time to develop new revenue avenues, programs and source new clientele. This is a very dangerous place to be if you value business growth.

If you DON’T seek support, you will end up buried in your own business! You could hire some in-house employees but think of associated costs such as superannuation, payroll, equipment, holiday, sick & long service pay – these can end up becoming liabilities for the employer.
Outsourcing is the only solution.

And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Clients of Virtual Elves can attest that global outsourcing has many benefits – one of the biggest is how cost effective it is! We have a pool of Virtual Assistants who are consummate professionals with great English and years of corporate experience behind them. We vet each candidate and assist you from start to finish during the set-up, hiring and ongoing management of your VA.

I myself have recently made a decision to step away ‘operational’ side of Virtual Elves. I am doing less of the client work myself and instead am working on developing, strategizing and improving my own business – the tasks that generate revenue to pay my contractors and myself a healthy income. This gives me much more flexibility with the kind of hours I work and allows me to spend more time with my family – whilst still bring in the bacon.

If you want to be a true entrepreneur – the secret is outsourcing!

If you’d like to learn more, check out our EASY Start package – we can guide you through every step of your outsourcing journey so you can create more space in your life and relieve yourself of that crippling overwhelm!

Living and breathing what I preach and teach!

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