Wish you could take back an email or text you recently sent? You don’t need a time machine if you have unSend.it!

Picture this scenario: you’ve just drafted up an email chock full of sensitive information, but in your tired and overworked state you send it to the wrong person! Or better yet, you’re raving to your best friend about your latest man-crush. But instead of sending the text to your friend, you accidentally send it to the guy you are talking about!

We’ve all sent emails we wish we could take back. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wished for a time machine that will send you back to the past to stop yourself from hitting that “Send” button without checking first. Fortunately, you don’t need a time machine because there is a new handy app that will let you “unsend” any email or text message.

Introducing: unSend.it. This app is the perfect solution for those who have sent emails or text messages to the wrong recipient and those who have emailed the right person but sent the wrong message or attachment. It’s chock full of features – here’s what unSend.it can do for you.

• Unsend or edit sent email at any time.
Although Gmail already has this capability, unSend.it has taken things to the next level. With Gmail, you only have limited time to unsend an email. When that period expires, you can no longer undo what you have done. But with unSend.it, you can unsend or edit any sent email even if it has already been opened by the recipient.

• Unsend or edit sent attachments at any time.
In case you have emailed the right person, but you have sent the wrong email or attachment, don’t fret. unSend.it can still help. With this app, you can edit or unsend attachments even after they’ve been opened by the recipient.

• Determine if the your email has been opened
Still waiting for someone to reply to your email? With unSend.it, you don’t have to wonder if your email is being ignored or has been lost in the deepest confines of cyberspace. This email has optional email options that will let you know if your email has been received and opened, among other things.

• Self-destruct option
unSend.it has self-destruct options that allow you to automatically delete the message after it has been opened by the recipient. This is quite handy for those who frequently send emails containing sensitive information.

unSend.it saves you from the embarrassment of having sent wrong messages to the wrong people. If you frequently send emails or text messages, then this nifty app is definitely a must-have!

Find out more about this wondrous app for regret free online communication HERE.


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