When problems arise – Contingencies for your VA

In any business there are issues and situations that throw a spoke in the operational wheels and disrupt your daily work routine – this is the same with Virtual Outsourcing! Technology fails, inclement weather, family crisis – these are a few problems you may face when working with your VA. Fortunately, as a Virtual Outsourcing Agency we have contingency plans in place to help support you and your Virtual Assistant should misfortune strike.

These are some of the things we recommend to our VA’s before they take on any work from us:

Power or Internet Outages: We recommend a secondary work location such as a library, internet café or family home that they can go top if they experience storms, power outages or internet issues. A broadband USB or mobile internet is also suggested. When I moved house I had the challenge of being mobile and managed quite well for a few days using the personal hot spot on my smart phone to connect to the internet and complete my work!

Family/Personal Issues: Communication is key in any business relationship, so if our VA’s are having problems completing their work for any reason we ensure that they notify the client of their situation immediately. We recommend the following tools:

  • Skype
  • Email
  • SMS/Phone

We also have a local Client-Staff Relations Officer on the ground in the Philippines that is on hand to take calls from our VA’s and manage any problems locally. By contracting through an agency like Virtual Elves you can be assured that you will experience less of the common pitfalls of global outsourcing – such as contractors leaving you in the lurch with no back up, or contractors severing communication and disappearing off the face of the earth.

Onshore Staff: Should there be any major delay in work that is time sensitive we also have onshore Australian Virtual Assistants on hand to provide support if required at the onshore rate.

So remember – so long as there is open discussion with your VA and contingency plans in place, major delays caused by unforeseen circumstances can be managed, provided that you use a reputable Virtual Outsourcing Agency like Virtual Elves Outsourcing Solutions.

Authored by: Kristy Smith

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