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Kristy is excited to have the opportunity to help you one-on-one in your business and has a fantastic package for you to get started on your outsourcing journey! This consulting package will help you break through the fear of “letting go” and give you clarity and a strategic outsourcing plan tailored just for your business. It will make the process of outsourcing clear and manageable.

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If you want to explore some one-on-one time with Kristy then contact us now!

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We have a talented and creative team of print, web and mobile designers, motion graphic artists, multimedia specialists, writers, branding specialists, and communications experts. Our team are carefully assigned to projects based on their level of experience and expertise in the industry of our clients. Design rates range from $45 – $75 per hour depending on creative input required. All Graphic Design jobs over $500 value require 50% deposit for commencement of work. Website rates range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on requirements and we love working with WordPress! All Website jobs require a 3 part payment: 50% deposit at commencement, 30% milestone 2, 20% on completion.

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Writing not your forte, or not enough time to write that weekly article? You know you need regular and interesting content changing on your website so why not tap into our talented pool of blog & article writers? Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly; writing articles is their passion. Covering many different industries and topics they take the hassle out of writing for your business! Article rates range from $55 + GST per article with a minimum commitment of 2 articles per month.

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Everyone knows they need to be visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest as a minimum but is managing these all a bit too much? We have some great Social Media Management packages that will enable you to forget about the daily “What am I going to post today” and create consistency and regularity in your social media management. We are not a strategist on these platforms, but very keen ‘implementers’ of your strategies! Packages start from $275 + GST per month.

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Great copywriting adds personality to your brand. It also ensures your communications are clear and consistent. In fact, a single clever phrase can turn boredom into a Eureka moment! To truly connect with your readers, it makes sense to invest in a professional copywriter – a passionate wordsmith who loves nothing better than crafting the best sentences to attract, engage and persuade.

Our professional copywriters work across all sectors, and tailor communications to grab the attention of your target market. You don’t need to lift a finger – we’ll take care of everything from clarifying the brief to refining revisions.

Read more about our copywriting services here

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We know how hard it can be to manage the day-to-day running of your business. That’s why we have various administrative support packages to help you! Local support from $40 per hour + GST to offshore VA’s from $12 per hour + GST we have all the bases covered to support your business!

There is much hype about getting “cheap” VAs from offshore and yes that is possible but we work on the basis of “you get what you pay for” and will not hire an offshore VA for less than $12 per hour. We have a detailed recruitment process that selects the right VA for YOUR needs specifically and have screened, interviewed and made sure your VA is dedicated to your needs. We are a premium service with long-term support in mind. Do it right the first time and your VA will be with you and grow with you for a lifetime! Kristy’s VA has gone from 10hrs per week to 40hrs in 3 years and knows her business inside and out. She is considered part of our family and she gets paid well above the minimum rate for what she brings to the business.

Likewise our support teams in Australia are well qualified VAs that work on a minimum retainer of 3hrs per week. They are varied in skill and again are matched in personality and job type so that they fit your needs well for the long term. We have many clients that have been with us for years and as they grow we grow.

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Video is the future and we will have some exciting new packages available shortly


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