“What can your Virtual Elf do for you over the holidays”

“What can your Virtual Elf do for you over the holidays”

The holidays are fast approaching, Christmas is just around the corner! If you are like most people and like me, then you undoubtedly love holidays. After all, who doesn’t love spending time with family, enjoying the change of season, and attending celebrations and holiday dinners?

Reaching work-life balance during the holiday season is calmer when you have a VA. The holidays will be much more pleasurable when you don’t have apprehensions about work!

Here is a short list for yourVA to do for you during the holiday season to make your life a little easier:

  • Call answering
  • Taking and delivering messages / email marketing
  • Screening and notifying you of incoming emails
  • Administrative tasks
  • Client care duties
  • Project research and management tasks
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Place needed outbound calls on your behalf
  • Send scripted or non-scripted email replies if requested
  • Complete online shopping and gift purchases for you
  • Send e-holiday cards on your behalf
  • Keep track of appointments, meetings, and parties so you don’t have to
  • Search popular gifts to give you gift ideas for friends and family
  • Screen calls you don’t want to take

The list is just a sample of the tasks a virtual assistant can take over for you during the busy holiday season. Keeping your virtual assistant involved in your business, even to just handle regular tasks like social media or writing blog posts, can help you preserve that valuable work-life balance all year long. After the holidays are over can also be a great time to take a break and plan your strategy for growing your business and cultivating it. So go ahead, hire a virtual assistant and start making some delightful strategies for the holiday break, you deserve it!

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