Want Space to Think? Then you need 1 Focus.

10993397_856556121049368_8580304557259883975_nThere is no denying running a small business can be a challenge . Entrepreneurs and start-ups alike understand that in order to operate you might have a dozen projects running hot at any given moment. If not managed properly these compounding tasks can start to build up, demanding more of your precious time and resources and gradually exerting enough pressure to make your kettle sing…and not in a good way!

This is not an uncommon occurrence! Often when people approach me for consultation, they know they want to grow their business – but they’re in such a state of overwhelm they have no idea where to start. Because if you don’t have space to think, you often can’t see the possibilities that ‘going virtual’ can bring to your business.

Too many times I’ve worked with clients who know they need help, but don’t have the headspace to take that first step to analyse where they’re at and invite change into their business.

So instead of bombarding them with information, I ask them:

  • Are you willing to listen?
  • Are you willing to take action?
  • Do you want space to think?

Because firstly – you must decide what business growth means to YOU. And it means different things to different people! It could be making more money, expanding into a different marketplace or taking on more clientele. The key is to identify the core area you need to focus on first to achieve your goals.

By singling out this 1 Focus and zeroing in on how you can potentially remove it from your ‘everyday’, you clear away that distracting chatter and allow yourself space in your thoughts outside of the overwhelm. Then you’re ready to welcome change and the opportunities that ‘going virtual’ can bring to your business.

Simplifying your approach with the 1 Focus technique is the first step to opening yourself to the possibilities of ‘going virtual.’ If you’re interested in learning more about how virtual outsourcing can boost your business growth I will be running a 1 Focus Workshop towards the end of February and again in March 2015. Register your interest here.

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