Virtual Experiences Made Real with Google and GoPro Partnership

GTY 461091508 A FIN USA NVWith Siri, 3D glasses and other mobile application that promotes simulation, virtual reality is coming more and more real to people especially in this modern day and age. Never have we imagined that on the tip of our fingers could lie an amazing possibility of watching, smelling, hearing and feeling anything as real as it could possibly be when actually there isn’t anything. Call us escapist, but we wish all these techno geeks could perfect virtual reality already!

Good news though because recently, two bigwigs in the world of technology has come together and partnered up to dare create something we wish existed: a camera that makes virtual reality a possibility. Yep, you heard that right. Google teamed up with camera expert GoPro

If we can remember, Google launched a virtual reality application called Cardboard very recently. From this, viewers can visit Versailles with a local guide without having to get up from their couches and paying a cent and more. Who says you need money to visit Versailles? You can also enjoy a 360-degree camera video. Care for an all-around video selfie like no other? With the rise of this new VR app, classes can take on another milestone as students are directly transported anywhere else. Google call this feature Expeditions. This way, teachers get to ‘tour’ their students in different places in the safety of their room. Stores and other businesses can also make use of Google Cardboard app to ensure that customers get an augmented virtual reality service. For instance, retail companies could use this system to make customer try on clothes without having to really try it on. Volvo, for example, took this opportunity to allow customers to take a virtual ride in their latest model.

But is seems like Google is not going to stop until virtual reality is truly a reality. That’s where GoPro comes in. Google recently announced that it teamed-up with GoPro to devise a new camera system called Jump. This partnership will make virtual reality mainstream as the system has 16 GoPro cameras that create a 360-degree view you can check out with its accompanying device. The file then goes live on Youtube. This transforms the smartphone into a 3D viewing device.

Making virtual reality come true is a continuous process that Google and GoPro aims to make happen. We can only hope that their endeavors bear fruit soon as the entire world can make use of something as beneficial as this new development.

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