Your Virtual Assistant and You

You’ve made the commitment to start outsourcing some aspects of your business. After all the time spent planning, implementation and hiring you’ve found the perfect Virtual Assistant – congratulations! BUT! This is only the beginning! You’re about to embark on the most important part of your outsourcing journey — building a long standing mutually beneficial relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

When outsourcing overseas, it pays to be conscientious and flexible in your approach. I mentioned in my last blog that it is important to recognise that your VAs are people too, with their own outside commitments, the same as you. Here are some points to keep in mind:

• Always be clear and concise about your expectations. Use your pre prepared job description and be honest and straightforward about your VA’s role requirements. Encourage them to speak up if they have any questions or suggestions.

• The more detail you can give on each task your VA performs the better. Refer to your pre prepared policies and procedures and invest time in explaining each task thoroughly. Confusion or uncertainty will cost you time in the long run.

• Make Skype your friend. This platform is a very efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your Virtual Assistant, especially if they are based offshore. Schedule a skype meeting at the beginning of each week so both of you can communicate what has been done and what needs to be achieved. I do this in my own business and have found it very beneficial.

• Set realistic goals. We all work better when we have a defined and achievable goal in place. It brings job satisfaction and is a good measure of your VA’s performance index.

• Be flexible and compassionate. The typhoon disaster in the Philippines reminded me that family always comes first. Be flexible and understanding when it comes to allowing time off if needed. So long as you have a relationship built on communication and trust, you can rely on your VA to make up any time lost, and if you find yourself in crisis you will be able to count on your Virtual Assistant to help manage your business operations in your absence.

Just like any relationship, it takes time to nurture. At the outset, you will need to prioritise this in order to set both of you on the right course. Once the building blocks are set in place it will be smooth sailing ahead.

For more tips on how to foster the right kind of working relationship with your VA – give us a call and have a short consultation with Kristy to get you started!

Authored by: Kristy Smith

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