Ultimate Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

It’s the new year and there are exciting, new marketing trends to watch out for. In the past, we watched the industry change incrementally, shaped by advances in technology and by financial and geopolitical influences. However, the year 2020 has changed the marketing landscape in leaps and bounds. We not only had a global pandemic to contend with, but also had a host of crises, ranging from social justice issues to economic meltdowns with a smattering of bushfires, earthquakes, and murder hornets. 

What are the latest trends in marketing and why are they important?

So much has happened in the world that old and dated strategies no longer work. Every business should, therefore, revisit their strategies and analyse the trend of the market to ensure the success of their marketing strategy.

Market Trend: Social Consciousness

There has been a rise in social justice movements around the world. For example, the Black Lives Matter which started in the US has gained global traction and is now a universal human rights campaign. It aims to end violence and systemic racism towards Black people and other people of colour. There are more of these powerful social change movements world wide. Now how is this relevant for businesses? Customers expect the businesses they follow to show support for these social movements. 

Tip: Include outreach and community involvement in your social media marketing strategy. By doing this, you also show solidarity and support to the causes your customers are involved in.

Market Trend: Brand Transparency and Conversational Marketing

It’s no secret that customers stick with brands they trust. Brand transparency lets you take control of your image instead of letting others create the narrative about your company. Conversational Marketing lets you directly speak to your customers about your company values, history, products, and services. Your success will be built on how well you convey these to your customers.

Tip: Show that your business is one that customers can trust by providing honest information about your products and/or services. Make an effort to actively engage with your customers and answer the hard questions. If you make a mistake, admit to it and let them know how you can do better. 

Market Trend: Personalisation

Customers want to feel acknowledged and seen. They want the business they support to understand their needs and wants. While this is not a new trend in digital marketing, it will be a prevailing one.

Tip: Surveys can help you customise your products and services. Use them to inform your social media strategy. Mention your customers by name and use appropriate human pronouns. Let your customers know that they are engaging with individuals and not robots.

Market Trend: Content

Everytime you read up on trends in marketing, you will come across the famous 1996 Bill Gates quote, “content is king!” While it is a timeworn adage, it still holds true. All of social media is content, and is therefore a critical part of your social media marketing plan. 

Video content  is one of the ultimate digital marketing trends in 2021. It generates the most engagement (likes, shares, comments) and has the most influence on purchasing decisions. In fact, video marketing improves a business’ conversion rate by a whopping 72%. Some popular trends are live streaming, 1:1 personalised videos, and vlogs or video blogs.

Another type of content is user-generated content or UGC. This type of video content, as the name implies, is created by users. This helps business because the customers themselves spread brand awareness. 

Tip: Your content should provide value. Aim to generate content that not only entertains but also educates, informs, and offers utility. While video content is the popular thing nowadays, don’t forget about written content. Good content should be unique, well structured and reader friendly, and optimised search engine optimised. 

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