Things You Can Outsource To Your Virtual Executive Assistant This Holiday

One major concern of any hard working business owner like you is that taking a few days off from work could spell disaster for your burgeoning business. But thank heavens for your ever-reliable virtual executive assistant! Ever since you got virtual assistance services, you know that you have someone to count on to hold the fort while you’re away on a well-deserved break.

With the holiday season coming up, you would want to spend quality time with your family. Your virtual assistant can make sure things continue to run smoothly for your business while you get some much needed R&R.

Here are 5 things you can outsource to your virtual executive assistant while you’re away on holiday:

  1. Check your emails and correspondence:

We all know that just a few days (or even hours) of not checking your email and correspondence can lead to an inbox explosion, especially if you receive more than 30 emails a day. Not being able to check your mail could mean a lot of missed opportunities for your business or even a few missed payments that could lead to late fees. 

Your Filipino VA can get on top of an unruly inbox by taking time to check your email for any pertinent correspondence and important messages. Your VA can also:

  • Sort out newsletters – as you are likely to get a lot of Christmas promos and offers.
  • Organise your inbox by archiving, deleting, and sorting out your messages into “action” folders.
  • Answer customer inquiries and supplier emails.
  • Monitor accounts that need to be paid while you are away.
  1. Take messages

Like missed emails, missed phone calls can also result in a lot of lost opportunities. You can redirect your messages to your virtual assistant so you don’t miss any important calls. Your Filipino VA can respond to quick inquiries or take messages for you to address at your own convenience.

  1. Organise your schedule throughout the Christmas season

There will be a lot of online events and networking opportunities for business owners around the holiday season. Your Filipino VA can make sure you get the invitations to relevant events, filter out all the marketing waffle, make sure the event fits your schedule, and set up reminders for you to be able to attend.

  1. Manage and update your website and social accounts

Your business website and social accounts should still stay up-to-date even throughout the holidays. To keep your customers engaged, your Filipino VA can make sure that your website has new content and that your social media accounts are updated with new posts and offers to keep your business top-of-mind during the Christmas season.

  1. Organise and coordinate a holiday marketing campaign

During the holiday season, people are in a gift-giving mood and more willing to spend money. Take advantage of the festive spirit by creating holiday-themed marketing campaigns. Your VA can set up social media or digital marketing campaigns that can even result in an end-of-the-year sales boost.

As entrepreneurs, we worry about not having enough time to run a business while getting all the holiday preparations out of the way. Talk to us if you need to hire a virtual assistant to help you offload some tasks and actually be able to take some time off to enjoy the holidays. Schedule a discovery call today!

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