The Smartest Way to Use Google Apps for your Business

Google has one of the most recognizable and user-friendly interfaces of any online service provider. Their suite of apps have been created to help businesses in the online sphere, making them more visible, productive and profitable. Here are some of the smartest ways to use Google for your business:

Google Apps allow you to advertise about your products and services and features your exact location This enables you to have access to a huge number of people who are using Google, across all devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.  This gives you greater opportunity to connect to a broader customer base and provide convenience to your customers and prospects.

You can also use Google voice search so you don’t have to navigate manually when you need to be hands-free. Using this app whilst driving is a great safety feature and saves time and stress when going to meetings and visiting your customers.

Google also offer more storage for your files and documents, compared to other applications. Google Drive has 10GB which is a lot bigger than gmail, and hotmail with just 1GB on offer.  This keeps your files more secure and accessible.

If you are just beginning to establish your name in the industry, you might need personal testimonies which will attract customers to your service or your products. This will validate your excellent service and the customer’s experience in dealing with your business or products and boost your search rankings.  This is very important if you hope to build a good relationship with your clients.


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