The Secret to Effective Delegation

If you’re regularly working into the night, missing deadlines and spending valuable time focused on business operations, rather than business strategy, then you’re probably overdue for some much needed assistance.

Being able to delegate effectively in your business is vital to its on-going success. [Tweet “Delegation done right can save time, increase productivity & ultimately leads to growth.”]

So why is it so difficult to hand over authority and responsibility to someone else? The answer is – you just can’t let go! So often delegation gets thrown into the ‘too hard basket’

“It takes too long to explain so I may as well do it myself”
“No one can do the job as well as I can”
“I don’t have the time to manage or take on a new team member”
“I don’t know how”

Sound familiar? The hard truth of the matter is that lack of trust in other people’s abilities is actually holding you back from evolving your business. The secret to effective delegation is to take that first step and let go.

Leading your business to success means understanding that[Tweet “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything”] Shift your mindset to embrace the power of delegation, rather than resisting change and trust that there is someone out there that can do the job just as effectively as you can.

Integrating delegation into what you do is really not as difficult as you tell yourself it is. Here’s a basic outline of how you can manage the process of letting go and delegating to others:

  • Write down everything that you do in your business, now sort out the tasks that only you can do, and the tasks that could be done by someone else.
  • Create a detailed process of what is required to do each task (here’s where your inner control freak can fly free!)
  • Clearly communicate your requirements to your team members, ensuring that there are accountability check-points
  • Be available to provide feedback and assess progress regularly

Ready to let go and embrace the evolution of your business? We can provide professional support and assist you on your journey to success. Find out how


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