Super Saturday SEO – Simple Ways to Avoid Being Penalised by Google Penguin Update

To better catch websites that are suspected of spamming its search results, Google has launched the 2.0 version of Google Penguin just recently. For those who didn’t know, Penguin is actually a codename used by the tech giant for its algorithm update that seeks to punish websites that use black-hat SEO techniques by decreasing their search engine rankings.

Google first released the update on April 2012. One year and a month later, the tech giant announced Penguin 2.0 to further strengthen its campaign against websites that use keyword stuffing, cloaking, and duplicated content among other things just to improve their search rankings. For this reason, many website owners across the globe scrambled to get their act together to prevent their websites from being penalised by Google.

With tough competition online, getting good search rankings for your website can be quite a challenge. And with the latest Google Penguin update, achieving this feat has become even more challenging. However, you don’t have to resort to underhanded tactics and risk being penalised by Google just to get good rankings for your site. There are simple strategies that you can use to achieve good rankings and at the same time, ensure that your site complies with Google’s latest algorithm update.

According to experts, one of the sure-fire ways to get a Penguin penalty is to have a bunch of links for poor quality sites. If your website has links to poor quality sites, then it’s time for you to get rid of them. One way to determine the quality of a website is to evaluate its content and design. Are the content well-written and authoritative? Does the website have good design? Such factors should be taken into consideration before you establish links to a particular site.

With the latest Penguin update, relevancy has become more important than ever. To prevent your website from being slapped with a lower search ranking, therefore, you should avoid getting links from sites that aren’t relevant or remotely related to your topic or niche. Otherwise, it will hurt your website and drag down its reputation.

Instead of posting on unrelated sites, you should focus on sites that already discuss topics in your niche. And when submitting content to a site that offers a wide variety of topics, make sure you’re posting your web documents under the right categories. Not only it can help improve the visibility of your site, it can also make your website more credible and trustworthy. And by posting to relevant sites, you can make your website more Google Penguin-friendly.

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