Super Saturday SEO – Google+ Lets Users Embed Public Posts on Other Sites

Google+ has introduced yet another tool that will definitely benefit many bloggers and writers across the world. With the new update, bloggers and content creators can now embed public posts on other sites. This can be quite useful for those who wish to add more depth to their web documents by using comments or updates sources posted on their Google+ profile.

Using the tool is basically a simple and straight-forward affair. Those who want to include and highlight a Google+ post made by reputable sources in their blogs or write-ups can simply click on the “embed post” tab found on the drop down menu in the post’s upper right-hand corner. Then, the users will be provided with a code that they can copy and paste in their blog so they can embed the Google+ post. But if you think that only the text will be copied to your blog, think again. The tool also enables users to embed the photograph and other forms of media included in the Google+ post.

For those who made the original Google+ post, there’s no need for you to worry. According to the tech giant, embedding a Google+ post to another site won’t affect its interactivity. This basically means that users can still +1 a post, comment on it, or follow the post’s original author from the site or blog where it is embedded.

The feature was initially available for specific publications like Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, with tests being conducted on the latter’s respective websites earlier. Today, however, all users can now enjoy the new Google+ feature and use it to provide their followers with better reading experience.

Aside from the embedded posts, meanwhile, Google+ has also announced a new feature called “Author Attribution.” This feature basically integrates an author’s web article or blog post with his or her Google+ profile. The Author Attribution feature basically works like this: if an author uses his (or her) Google+ account to log on to WordPress, his post will be automatically linked back to his Google+ profile. According to experts, this new feature may be quite useful in the future, especially now that the tech giant is focusing more on content that aren’t produced anonymously.

The Author Attribution feature is currently available for only two platforms: WordPress and TypePad. However, Google+ said it has plans to expand the feature to other sites in the future. According to the tech giant, it is currently working on incorporating Author Attribution to other sites like, WikiHow, and Examiner.

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