Super Saturday SEO – 5 Latest Rules in Making SEO and Content Marketing Work

Super Saturday SEO – 5 Latest Rules in Making SEO and Content Marketing Work

Search engine optimisation or SEO is an effective way to create a huge online presence. With SEO, you are essentially creating content that can help you get good page rankings on the result pages of search engines like Google. However, if you think that posting content that are rich in anchor text links but don’t bring any real value to your target market is a good idea, think again. Sure, such a tactic might have worked several years ago but today, it definitely won’t. Just ask the experts.

According to Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, using “manipulative techniques” like posting articles full of links and using exact match domains among other strategies won’t work in today’s online scenario. It is because search engine algorithms these days are being constantly improved and developed to weed out useless online content and reduce—if not totally eliminate—web spam.

Therefore, it is only logical that Internet marketers and online businesses take a holistic approach to SEO. Also, they should employ good content marketing strategies that will not only benefit themselves, but their audience as well. If you’re thinking of combining SEO with content marketing to generate more traffic for your site and create more brand awareness, it will do you well to follow Fishkin’s advice. To help you out, here are some new SEO rules you should follow for content marketing.

Rule No 1: Create content that will compel people to share them. Whether you are posting articles or videos online, make sure your target readers or audience will find some value in them. As mentioned earlier, the days of useless online content are gone. Therefore, if you want your website to get more visits and at the same time, prevent search engines from flagging your articles and videos as web spam, you should create useful content that will encourage readers and viewers to share them with others.

Rule No 2: Conduct keyword research. It is no secret that creating useful content can take a huge chunk of your time. If you don’t want to waste time and effort on writing about things or topics that people don’t care about, you should conduct keyword research before creating any online content. This way, you can be sure that your target audience will appreciate and be interested in whatever it is that you’re planning on posting.

Rule No 3: Have a blog. Creating a blog is a great way to succeed at content marketing. Not only it helps with SEO, it also helps create brand awareness as well as provide your target audience with useful content. And more importantly, it also makes it easier for your target market to find the articles, videos, and other content that you have created since they are in one place.

Rule No 4: Choose topics that are related to your brand or business. If you’re going to post articles or videos online, make sure that they are related to your brand or business. For example, if you sell shoes online, it makes perfect sense to offer tips about shoe care, types of shoes, and other related topics on your blog. Otherwise, your SEO and content marketing efforts won’t be that effective.

Rule No 5: Promote your content. You should take the time to promote your write-ups and videos on other blogs, news sites, or social media sites. According to many experts, many high-growth blogs rely on content distribution as it helps them build honest links to their websites.

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