Super Saturday SEO – 4 Simple Ways to Get Top Google Rankings

SEO Background - Search engine optimizationGetting top Google rankings on the search result pages is one of the most sure-fire ways to generate more free traffic for your website. However, such an undertaking is easier said than done. And with the tech giant constantly updating its search algorithms and making them more sophisticated, website owners and online marketing across the globe have to adjust their tactics and employ new strategies to keep up with the latest changes.

Meanwhile, viral marketing blogger Glenn Allsopp, who has been building and marketing websites since he was 15, has recently shared some tips that many marketers and website owners will find very useful. Below are some of Allsopp’s tips on how to get good Google rankings amid the stiff competition and ever-changing digital landscape.

Domains with High Page Rank. According to Allsopp, one of the best ways to get top search rankings on Google is to buy domains with high quantity and quality links pointing to them. Apparently, a website that has many good links pointing to it has high Page Rank. And if a domain has high Page Rank (the score used by the tech giant to determine a site’s popularity and importance), then it is more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

There are many tools that marketers can use to determine a site’s Page Rank. All they have to do is use search engines to look for them. When it comes to buying domains with high quality links, meanwhile, there are many domain auction sites they can visit. These sites include GoDaddy Auctions, NameCheap Marketplace, and Namejet.

Quality Links. Whether a business is buying a domain or setting up a new website, it is important to ensure that the site has quality backlinks coming from a wide variety of websites for it to rank on Google. Allsopp also added that the websites linking to a domain should be made for real human visitors. This basically means that they should have real followings on social media networks, real comments, and social activities.

Keyword Research. To get good rankings on Google, a website owner should use the right keywords. And to determine the keywords and phrases to use for his (or her) site, conducting a keyword research is a must. When doing a keyword research, there are three criteria that should be used: popularity, relevance, and competitiveness. The keywords should be popular and competitive. At the same time, they should be related to the products/services being offered by a business and the search queries being used by its target customers.

Good Content. To enhance the value of an existing domain or website, Allsopp also recommend writing good content for it. Because Google likes fresh and informative content, writing articles or posting relevant videos can help improve the search ranking of a website.


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