A is for Action Plan – The First Step to Successful Outsourcing

delegating_resizedIn successful outsourcing, it is important to remember it’s not as easy as logging onto freelancer and posting a job. If you’re serious about wanting your business to grow through outsourcing you need to do the leg work first. You may find yourself with a terrific candidate, but remember that any contractor or Virtual Assistant you hire will need to learn your business, even if the tasks required of them are generalised. You need to be as specific and detailed as possible in the procedure you want your contractor to follow. This will ensure a seamless and hassle free hand over.

Planning is the first part of the story. A novelist never dives in at the first chapter and just wings it as they go. They set up a story board to map out the narrative and the message they want to convey. A similar process is necessary in business.

In order to ascertain what kind of assistance you require and how you want your contractor to perform these tasks you need to devise an Outsourcing Action Plan. And don’t worry. Action Plan doesn’t have to be a dirty word….in fact, with a company like Virtual Elves to guide you its E.A.S.Y

Step 1: Explore and identify what tasks within your business can be done by someone else. It is crucial to nail down exactly what you need done – if you go into the hiring process without a firm idea of what you need, you’re destined to fail.

Step 2: Action Plan time! This is the how, when, where, why and how much. Quantifying these 5 things will assist you in discerning exactly what you want to achieve through outsourcing.

Step 3: Systemise. Your action plan will form the basis of the systems that need to be implemented in your business to accommodate your outsourced assistant (and don’t worry, your VA can help you expand upon these systems after they begin working with you).

Step 4: Yippee!! Once you have your Action Plan and systems in place you can now embark on the next phase of your outsourcing journey!

At Virtual Elves we consult with you through every step of the outsourcing process. From Action Plan, Recruitment & Relationship Management – we’re there to support you and your business.

If you’re serious about doing the job right, check out our E.A.S.Y Start Package, designed specifically to facilitate successful long term outsourcing.

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