Successful Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Business

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas which means it’s the perfect time to set into motion your Christmas marketing ideas and kick off your holiday campaign into high gear! During the holidays, people seem to be in a more festive mood and are therefore more willing to open their wallets. This is great news for entrepreneurs. Businesses can capitalise on this generosity and gift-giving mood by offering holiday-themed promos, specials, and packages. 

People are hustling to complete their Christmas shopping and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the action.

Here are 4 marketing ideas for Christmas that your business can use to boost sales and also celebrate the spirit of the season:

  1. Holiday themed digital assets

Just like decorating a brick and mortar storefront, you should also take the time to roll out a holiday theme across all of your online channels. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create some beautiful holiday themed graphics. Or hire a virtual assistant to help you create professionally made holiday themed graphics to refresh your online channels. Your digital assets should also include:

  • A holiday themed logo
  • Christmas banner for your website
  • Holiday themed email campaigns and Christmas cards
  • Holiday themed graphics for your all of your social media channels
  • A Christmas video that contains a Christmas message to show how much you value and appreciate your customers. You could use this opportunity to promote a holiday sale or Christmas promotion, too.

  1. Holiday themed content

Take this moment to publish some holiday-themed content. You can ask your virtual assistant to write about gift recommendations and highlight some of your products. Or create a holiday gift guide that bundles some of your products together. You can also create content that spreads awareness, generosity, and goodwill. You can even write a “thank you” post to show your appreciation and gratitude for your customers’ support and loyalty.

  1. Holiday themed promo bundles and packages

This could be the perfect time to introduce new products or showcase old ones by bundling them up into Christmas themed gifts. You can have different categories such as “Christmas gifts for Mum”, “Christmas gifts for Dad”, “Christmas gifts for your best friend”, “Christmas gifts for your boss”, “Christmas gifts for the little ones”, etc.

  1. A Christmas gift

Get creative and surprise your customers with a Christmas gift. Some ideas include:

  • Free shipping – waive the shipping fees when they reach a minimum order or apply it sitewide for a limited time.
  • Free gift wrapping – offer to wrap the gifts or put it in a gift box/gift bag for free
  • Branded gifts – surprise your customers by sending a free branded gift such as a mug, cap, tshirt, shopping bag, apron, desk mat, etc.
  • Goodwill gift – offer to donate proceeds of your sale to a nominated charity on their behalf. 

Use these successful Christmas marketing ideas to formulate your winning strategy and make this your best sales quarter ever. If you need virtual assistant services to help you work on your holiday marketing campaign, book a discovery call with us today!

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