Stay Organised for Your Next Trip!

It is with no surprise that as technology advances we have an endless amount of information at our fingertips; this can be extremely useful for travellers! More specifically there have been apps developed for the needs of every traveller, which can be an invaluable tool for us all.

Whether you need an app to help you plan, give you key tips or a space to write about your holiday there is one for everyone with quality apps both in free and paid versions.

Travel apps can also be useful for business owners, making it easy for you to sort out your travel plans and business before you set off!

Something to be wary of when travelling overseas is whether the use of any travel apps (or anything else for that matter) will guzzle your mobile data. If you need to manage your business from across the globe make sure your your phone is managed well for both calls and data charges. There is nothing worse than coming home to bill shock so just make sure you are wary, have a business phone plan to suit your needs or purchase a prepaid sim card such as a Travel Sim.

Handy travel apps to download include:

Kamino (Free): This app is great for people wanting to see areas popular or only known by locals. Basically Kamino is a database of walking tours all over the world which are created by local people from each area. Each tour gives you the approximate distance, how many stops you have and often photos of some highlights you will see.

Entrain (Free): Entrain is perfect for those that suffer from jet lag when travelling. It ‘trains’ your body to get used to the different time zone of your destination before you even leave! This makes it less of an adjustment when it is time to change time zones and reduces jet lag and associated fatigue. Getting you to your business meetings quicker!

Tripit (With Free or Pro Versions $61.99): Having many different travel documents can make it hard when your away, Tripit aims to take this burden away by storing all your important information in one place. By forwarding all your travel confirmation emails to the Tripit team they will create an itemised plan of your holiday so you won’t forget where you are off to next or plane departure times! Using Tripit for business tips allows you to focus on the work you need to complete overseas rather than stressing about tickets and departure times.

Remember being organised and in control will make your holiday smooth sailing and this is what these apps are developed to achieve.

If you are ready to book or need more information for you next holiday contact Josh on 1300 761 905 now!

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