Smooth Email Sending with Google Undo

Surely almost all of us has had a bad experience with sending emails. Whether you sent an email to the wrong person, hit send all to that email thread where you are bitching about your boss or accidentally forwarded an email full of confidential company files, we all had that email we wish we could take back. But unlike a social media post, once we send an email, it can never be retracted. There is no delete button for sent email. But that is before Google had its way on our favorite mail application.

Recently, Google answered our email woes with a new feature that will surely become a hit to all email users: the Undo Send button. This new feature was originally used as a popular feature in Gmail Labs in 2009 but only officially open for the public recently. Now, an ‘undo send’ feature is available for web-based users of Gmail. If your Undo Send feature is enabled, the sending of your emails are delayed for a while to give you ample time to retract the message. Just make sure you have your feature enabled and internet connection is working properly. For those who have used Undo Send in Gmail Labs, the setting is turned on by default for your Gmail Inbox.

With the new Undo Send button, you can save yourself from the shame of an email blunder. The Undo Send allows senders to recall the message within five seconds after sending it or more depending on the cancellation time you set. Five seconds may not be a lot of time, but it can mean the difference between career life and death for some. You can also set the time between five, ten, 20 or 30 seconds.

To activate Undo Send feature on your mail, click the setting button on the top right side of the inbox, scroll down to the Undo Send feature and click Enable. You can even set a specific amount of time for the cancellation period. Though the feature is not yet available on the Gmail mobile app, there are reports saying that Google is planning to launch the feature on the mobile app in the future.

Undo Send button for Inbox is a feature all of us can benefit from. No more office email blunders or shameful message sending of an email without attachment and having to send another email to correct the previous mistake. Enable your Undo Send button now and have more confidence in sending your mails.

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