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Communications – Liquid Mango


Find out how to start meaningful conversations, share ideas and establish relationships with the people you care about the most.

Your clients, staff, suppliers, local community and key stakeholders. They’re all communities. Liquid Mango can help you establish, manage and grow these relationships and help you build an engaged community of supporters for your business.

Community Builder Consultation

In this one hour consultation, we’ll chat about your business, look at why you started, where you are now and focus on where you want to be.

We’ll talk about how building active and engaged communities through community relations and social media will benefit your business. We’ll also provide specific tips and advice and look at next steps that will help you connect and build relationships with the people you care about the most.

We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or get in touch via email and mention our dear friends at Virtual Elves.

Special Offer

We’ll give you 50% off our Community Builder Consultation which is normally valued at $200 + GST. If you book our Communications Package within a month after your initial consultation we’ll take $100 off your fee for the first month.

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Special Offer

Complimentary 45 Min ‘Business Health Check’ to clients of Virtual Elves.

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If you are considering Trademarking your Business this is a brilliant resource from Suzanne Harrington.

Click on the image to purchase this book on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.

Suzanne has packed a whole lot of knowledge into this book and it is a must read if you are considering trademarking your business.


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