New Google Service Allows Websites to Earn Extra Income through Online Content

Business growthAsk any internet marketer you know and he or she will tell you that content is king. After all, the content of your website is one of the biggest things that attract web visitors to your site and what make them stay and keep coming back for more. It also helps build rapport with your audience and enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your field or niche.

But if you think that that’s all having good content can do, think again. For those who are looking to use their content to earn extra income, Google has come up with a nifty solution. Just recently, the tech giant introduced Google Consumer Surveys, a tool that allows website owners to monetise the content of their respective sites.

Google Consumer Surveys basically works like this. When a user visits your site, he or she will have to answer a few short survey questions to access your content. Then, you will earn money for each question your visitors will answer. Mark Southern of Search Engine Journal described the service as similar to “paywalls,” wherein visitors have to pay a one-time subscription fee to read articles and watch videos among other things, because it prevents users from accessing content easily. However, the difference with Google Consumers Surveys is that users don’t have to shell out real money.

So how much a website owner can earn with Google Consumer Surveys? Website owners will reportedly earn 5 cents (US) per answer. Survey creators, on the other hand, will be charged 10 cents per survey. While earnings may seem small at first glance, Consumer Surveys has a great potential to help websites earn a considerable amount of money, especially if they have compelling content and are generating huge amount of organic traffic every day.

According to Google, Consumers Surveys is easy to implement and control. Website owners can easily choose where and how often survey prompts appear, as well as how much content to make available for their audience. But to take advantage of the service, the tech giant said that all Google Consumer Survey publishers must have an AdSense account in “good standing” and an audience belonging to the 18+ age group. They must also adhere to Google’s Publisher Program Policies.

Unfortunately, the service is currently available only in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. But for those outside the US, don’t be disheartened. Google said it is planning to expand Google Consumer Surveys to other countries in the coming months.

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