Mythbusting: If you want something done, you have to do it yourself

Returning to work after my holiday over the Easter/ANZAC long weekend has been an eye opener! I went from relaxed, contemplative bliss to straight back into meetings, emails, calls and the general chaos of business!

But I did realise one thing – while I was gone the wheels kept on spinning! I left Virtual Elves in the hands of my capable, long term team of Virtual Assistants, who managed every aspect of my business whilst I was away – including tasks that I have traditionally been fully responsible for.

Mythbusting –The old adage of “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself” is a load of baloney! I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by going on holiday and setting a challenge for my staff to manage Virtual Elves in my absence. I learned that I don’t have to do everything myself, and guess what? You can have this freedom too!

Having trouble getting your head around this fantastic concept? Here are a few tips:

Let Go: You may think you don’t have the time or the resources to train a VA in the mysteries of how you run your business – but let me assure you, if you can let go and have trust in your team you will end up with more free time to spend with family, go on holiday and concentrate on the big picture of your business.

Strategise: The good news is, virtually any service can be outsourced! From specialised skills such as web design or SEO, to accounts, marketing and administrative tasks – the list endless. But for your business to really be able to function at a ground roots level without your constant input, you need to invest in preparing your operations to facilitate a Virtual Assistant. This is a highly trained outsourced PA who will learn how you manage your business. They can handle your invoicing, sales queries, social media marketing, project management and customer service tasks – just to name a few!

Training: Do you like things done a certain way? Then show your VA! Teach them the way you work, your style and how you run things. Bring them into the fold with regular meetings and training sessions. Fine tuning your processes and clearly communicating your intentions is essential to a successful outsourcing relationship.

This month I stepped away from my business and had faith in my team. I realised that if you build a network of the right people with the right training and attitude you can trust that those jobs you think only you can do, can be done by someone else just as well!

If you’re holding onto the unnecessary burden of repetitive administrative tasks, you need to seriously consider investing in a Virtual Assistant!

Free yourself from Overwhelm.

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